Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Learning using Digital Technology at Drury School

Our vision:

To create an evolving digital culture that enhances teaching and learning programmes, and enables students and teachers to be e-confident, connected and actively involved in a modern learning environment.

Drury School offers students the opportunity to ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) in Years 5 to 8.

We are now in the age of the 21st Century, and the learners, tools and skills needed are evolving rapidly. The skills taught in classes today will help our students have the knowledge and capability to further their learning, in order to enter an evolving work environment in the future. We believe that using devices at school enhances learning opportunities, alongside good teaching and effective learning programmes. 

Does my child need to bring a device to school?

No, they do not – this is optional. However, we have a limited range of devices available to the students who do not have their own device. Unfortunately, these devices may need to be shared in class, and there is no guarantee that your child will have access to a device at all times.

What sort of device do you recommend?

We are a Microsoft Office 365 school, meaning that any wifi internet capable device will do the job, but we do prefer for the students to have a device with a Windows operating system. With their school account, programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more can be downloaded onto their own device, as well as four more home devices for free. The students with Windows devices have found that using the full programs have been far more effective than using the online version that Chromebooks and iPads can only access.

Please refer to the ‘Minimum Specifications’ document below.

How much do they cost, and where can we get them from?

Recommended devices are available from $400, and we strongly recommend that you purchase a carry case strong enough to last many trips to and from school! Most companies now offer a great insurance policy, so if the device does break down, a loan device can be offered while the purchased one is getting replaced. Please check with the company you are buying the device from if they offer this support.

You can purchase the device from which ever store that you want – up to you! Our school does have a relationship with PB Tech in Manukau and Noel Leeming Papakura, so if you go in and see them and say you’re from Drury School, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

How many hours per day will they be using the device?

This can vary, depending on the task and intended outcomes. There have been a few days where the students have used it for 30 minutes, and there are some days where it has been used for a large majority of the day. Teachers cannot put a specific time that students use their device every day.

What if the device breaks down or is stolen?

It is the responsibility of the parents/caregivers to fix the device. Drury School does not have the personnel nor the skills needed to fix devices. It is highly recommended that you speak to the company you are purchasing the device from about accidental breakages, and see if they offer a policy on this.

Teachers will make every effort to ensure that the devices are securely locked away in their classes.

In the event of breakage, damage or loss, Drury School takes no responsibility. Please discuss how best to look after the device with your child. Please refer to ‘Background Information’ and the ‘Internet User Agreement’ for more information.

I’m worried that the device may get stolen at school.

In each Year 5-8 classroom, we have a set of locked cupboards that the device goes into when they are not working on it, and this also gets locked when students are outside at break times. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that when they get to school, they take it out of their school bag, and place it into the cupboard to be more secure. 

How often does my child need to bring their device to school?

We expect all students to bring their device every day to school, unless informed otherwise by the class teacher.

I do not have the means to purchase a device for my child at this time, but I do have a computer that they can use at home. 

Hopefully your child will be able to use a shared class device at school, but can continue their learning at home, as their Office 365 account can be logged onto from any internet capable device. If you have the means, then please ask about finance through the company that you may want to purchase the device from. Some offer a deal where if you pay it off in a certain time, it may be interest free.

What if my child cannot type fast?

We certainly do not ask them to write with their pen or pencil as fast as possible, so this does not matter. We do not ask the students to complete 3000 word essays! 

We expect that for the most part, students are doing research and typing in small search terms, or take notes from a particular text that they are using. If you are concerned with their speed, then you’re more than welcome to set them up on a typing tutor such as Power Typing or Typing Trainer. There are many options available on the internet these days!

My child will be going to a Google Docs school, and they recommend Chromebooks. Do I have to buy a new device for them for college?

Short answer – no. Windows devices have the option to download the web browser ‘Chrome’, which is all your child needs for a Google Docs school. You will need to give them permission to create an account though!

 If you have any other questions, please contact the office for more information.