Homework - Mrs Wicks

Drury School

Year 4 Homework                    

Dear Parents,

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child into Year 4.  Mrs Wicks and Mrs Managh are the teachers in Room 7 and 8.  Mrs Hulse teaches in Room 8 on Friday. Listed below is an outline of our homework programme for the year.  This will consist of reading, spelling, basic facts/tables, topic learning activities and news focus.

To support your child, provide a quiet space free from distractions, assist your child when required and encourage him/her to correct spelling and punctuation errors.  All written text in the homework book should be in pencil.  Any added colour should be by Jovi, crayons or colouring pencils.

Each Monday children will receive a homework sheet to be completed during the week and returned for marking on Friday.

Children who finish their homework quickly can be extended by:

  • Watching news items and discussing what they see.
  • Reading newspaper items of interest
  • Newspaper games found on the NIE page
  • Board Games
  • Study Ladder, e-ako, Skoolbo


On Monday 10 words will be recorded in spelling notebooks for learning during the week. Please help your child to learn 2-4 words three nights of the week and revise them Thursday for testing on Friday.


About 10 minutes reading of your child’s choice should be done daily.  This may be shared with you, or read independently.  Home readers may also be sent home.


Basic facts and tables need to be practised and recorded in homework books each week.  Topic or Maths activities may also be included in weekly homework sheets to support work being covered in the classroom programme.


Each week children will be given a poem to practice reading to a family member at home.

Oral Language

Storytelling and speeches will also be part of our oral language programme.  Finding a current news item to share may also be included on occasions.


Our library day is Friday so please ensure books are returned ready to be exchanged.


We encourage children in the class to take an increasing responsibility for their own learning.  This includes the completion of extra work at home on a regular basis.  Children are expected to organise themselves independently for the day when they arrive at school by putting away school bags and preparing pencils and books for the day.


We will be doing a variety of art projects throughout the year.  Could you please send an old shirt to school for your child to wear to protect their school uniform.

Please help your child to manage their homework in small amounts daily so that it does not become a last minute burden.  This is an important skill for children to master. If you have any queries, please feel free to come in and discuss them with us.

Thank you for your support.

Kathy Managh

Tessa Wicks

Anne-Marie Hulse