Saving Nepal

The Saving of Nepal

Drury School were broken hearted when Nepal had an earthquake. So our Enviro Group thought about fundraising. We did this through a sausage sizzle and a mufti day. The sausages were two dollars each, same for the mufti. We needed helpers for preparing the sausages. We luckily got a lot of generous people to help us out. The day went on and everyone enjoyed their sausages and went on with their day. We donated the surprising amount of money we gathered to the Hilary Trust. In return Mrs Patrick (Enviro Teacher) received an email from Peter Hilary (Sir Edmund Hilary's son) also from The Himalayan Trust, thanking us for our effort and donation. We gratefully thanked Progressive Meats Countdown by sending a letter to say how much we appreciated the sausages they donated to us. We were all surprised about the amount of money we successfully raised, $1494.40! It was a wonderful experience helping out Nepal!!! See below for the personal letter from Peter Hillary.

Written by Sophia Campbell

Hello Suzanne, Clive and the Drury School,

Thanks for your efforts for the Himalayan Trust work in Nepal after the recent disastrous earthquakes. This is an incredible donation and please thank your students for their generosity. Funnily enough when I think of generosity I think of my father because although people associate him with being an heroic mountaineer and being brave and ambitious when he climbed Mt Everest, the truth is his greatest attribute was really his generosity. He loved to help people achieve the things that they wanted to achieve and he was very generous. So tell your students that I think they are a lot like Ed!

Thank you very much for running this mufti day and barbeque fundraiser for the Himalayan Trust earthquake appeal for the people of Nepal.

Best regards,

Peter Hillary