Vision Statement

This is the new Enviro Group vision statement that we have created.

It used to be 'The world's future is in our hands as long as we live in it we shall hold it carefully.'

But now it is 'We are the Kaitiaki of the future so lets take action to protect our Te Whenua as it is our home it can not be replaced'.

Kaitiaki means guardianship in Māori, so it means that we have to look after the future of our planet by caring for the environment.

Te Whenua means land in Māori, so in the new vision statement it means to look after our land our planet as it can not be replaced if it gets really polluted or dirty.

The Waka picture signifies our journey to protect and sustain the planet at its current state.

The words inside the hands - Listen, Learn, Love and Live- mean you have to Listen to the Kaitiaki, to Learn how to care for the planet, to Love our planet, to Live sustainably.

The rainbow shows how colorful the world is or should be.

The korus on the waka signal new life and a new beginning.

Written by Sarah Waters