Worm Farm

Worms for Tea!

In 2008 the worm farmers started up our worm farms.

We set up the worm farmers because lots of kids were throwing their banana peels and other food waste in the landfill bin when they could be given to the worm and diverted from going to the landfill.Then we sorted out a roster and took turns at caring for them. First we collect the bins that are put by the rubish bins and empty them into the worm bins. Then we grab a milk bottle and turn on the tap under the worm bins the worm tea comes out. We sell the worm poo , worm tea and worms and then people buy the worm tea or poo and mention it to their family and friends. Some people start their own worm farms which is good to see. This shows how we are empowered students taking action to make positive changes. We are helping our community by not putting peelings in the bin, because if you do, the toxins seep into the soil which affects our water. So by worm farming, we are preventing this from happening as well as educating the school and environment.

Written By Kate Aislabie